Now that my books are finished…

Now that my book series is finished I've been focusing on design and finding a job. While I haven't had any luck with my Digital Media degree yet (kind of bumming me out honestly) I have been working on a blog and website for a family friend's new company and been doing a flurry of … Continue reading Now that my books are finished…


Curious Cases 2: The Case of the Albino Twins excerpt

The manor looked as though at one point it had been a stately one. Its lovely gothic architecture gave a general feeling of old fashioned grandeur that could not be shaken, but which over time had been gradually overrun by vines and weeds that sunk into the structure like wrinkles on an aged but dignified person. It didn't necessarily take away from its original form, but simply stood as a haunting reminder that age comes to take all classes. It was still foggy out in the bog. The sky, meanwhile, had turned gray with the promise of a storm. The faint watery glow coming from the house's windows was now the only thing keeping the young detectives from losing their way...(read more)

Chivalry Theme in The Case of the Albino Twins

The first case in More Adventures of Victor McGill and Daniel Fernandez is The Case of the Albino Twins. I modeled this story after Edgar Allen Poe's Fall of the House of Usher, a story I enjoyed profusely because of its gothic nature and themes of the slow decay of old power. However, in this case (and Mina's side experience with yet another break-in) the characters instead explore the decay of chivalry in society, if it was ever really there at all.